Wednesday 16 October 2013

Urban Outfitters - Paris Galerie Lafeyette Canvas Wall

Urban Outfitters for the opening of the Galerie Lafeyette pop up store in Paris created two walls made completely of artists canvases. Galerie Lafeyette is a womenswear, housewares and gift pop up store and will be open for around five months, the art work from this pop up store will then be used to form a permanent installation in other Urban Outfitter stores. 

I was asked if i'd like to be involved with making a piece of work for this project. There was a specific size of canvas I had to work on, a particular colour palette to stick to and quite a short completion date. This was an interesting challenge as I rarely use canvas so had to very much get used to the fabric very quickly, I also rarely use acrylic and household paints and the limitations of an un-stretched canvas (Urban were stretching all the painted canvases on site) was very interesting. I do feel happy with this piece of work, I think it's quite different from other work I have previously worked on and less detailed but it was very enjoyable to paint. 

Who knew a little bit of quartz could get so big!

Acrylic and house hold paint on canvas
154cm 66cm

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