Thursday 21 October 2010

Manipulated Photographs

I'm really enjoying all the surfaces that I'm working to depict, they are massively interesting and all very different to each other. These pieces are photographs I have manipulated with different exposures and tints to emphasize the colours and textures in the formations. 

Tuesday 12 October 2010

Recent Work

I have been using different media to create rock like surfaces. I have created layers with different media and a ranging thickness of paint.

Large mixed media piece; acrylic paint mixed with copolymer, charcoal, oil bar, tissue paper, grit, ink on board. (A work in progress)

Close up of image above. (A work in progress)

Mixed media piece; pigment, iron dust, marble dust on board.

Mixed media piece; pigment, iron dust, marble dust on mounting card.

Monday 11 October 2010

Over this summer I have become interested in the rocks around the shoreline in my home town of Crail. They vary so much in colour, form, texture and with various amounts of erosion and build up. Over years they have changed due different factors including weather and industry. In particular ship building and fishing. My family very involved heavily in the industries. My father worked in the ship building trade. My grandfather was a fisherman as were many of his relatives. I started to think of the rocks in relation to the industry and my family's roots. The layers in the rocks represent the layers of my family's traditions in this area which have been built up over many years.

Pittenweem Art Festival

These pieces i have submitted into Pittenweem Art festival over the last couple years.

In this piece i tried to get across the idea of movement and waves. 
Mixed media; Paint, pastel, fabric, stitch on paper.  

Paint on board.

Paint on board

Last Semester

These are some of my favourite pieces I made last semester. I focussed on the themes of memory, family and traditions. I took the imagery for the pieces from old family photographs from my childhood in Crail, Fife. The colours and patterns I used throughout the pieces are colours I associate with the area. 

Acrylic paint mixed with matte copolymer, fabric, tissue paper, knit, graphite on board.

Acrylic paint mixed with copolymer, graphite, pastel, charcoal on board.

Acrylic paint, charcoal, graphite on board.

 Both acrylic paint and charcoal on board.