Sunday 15 April 2012

Postcards and Business Cards

It is preparation time now in the run up to the Degree Show. This is the image that is going to feature on my business cards and postcards that will be available to pick up at the show. 


This week has been all about making nine 3x4ft frames which my silk pieces will be displayed in. I have put a lot of thought into how it would be best to display the work, I want to maintain the fluidity of the fabric but still want to display the work in a way fitting for something precious and luxurious. The idea with the frames is that the silk will be attached at the top securely but then be left to hang down in the frame so that the quality of the fabric will still be noticeable. The glass frames add a protective and formal quality to the work. The frames and backing board however will be painted the same colour so don't detract from the silk hangings.

Ullapool 2012

Can't believe this trip has come so soon! I have planned for months to take the finished pieces back to the highlands where I collected the initial imagery for the works. The aim of this was to take a collection of photographs that will be presented alongside my finished works at the Degree Show in May. These photographs will add some context to the collection of work. Here are a few images of locations from the trip and also preparing the work around the rocks for the photographs.

Symbols and Symbolism Exhibition

Symbols and Symbolism, Lower Foyer Gallery, March 2012, was a very successful exhibition curated by Sofia Khan and Kerry Lindsell, two final year Fine Art students at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design. The exhibition included many artists from different disciplines throughout the art school. One of my pieces was included in this show. 

I received a lot of positive feedback from showing my work at this event so I am very pleased to have been able to exhibit. It has also forwarded my planning for display and framing for the upcoming degree show. The print was pinned straight onto the wall, and I enjoyed how close people were getting to the work to explore the huge amount of detail included in it. What I was interested in as well was that people were not only looking closely at it from an aesthetic view but also to understand the fluidity of the piece through the use of the silk fabric. This is something I am considering for the degree show, how to maintain the loose flowing quality of the fabric with it still having a certain amount of formality and protection and luxury.