Thursday 8 March 2012

Stitch and Stitch and Stitch

The long process of stitching into areas of each of the pieces has started. It is very detailed work so is very time consuming but can't be rushed. Distractions are proving to be easy to find, but must concentrate, not long to go now!



I now have seven silks ready for stitch, since getting the silks back from the printers they have been worked on with a huge range of media including inks, watercolours, pencil, graphite and charcoal. 

Very happy with how they are working out. Here are a few that will now be stitched into in preparation for assessments and degree show!


I am very fortunate to have received sponsorship towards my degree show from Bonkers Original Gifts. This a a fabulous shop and I am so thankful for their help. 

Bonkers has two shops in Scotland, one in St Andrews and the other in Edinburgh. Check out their website for brilliant gift ideas!