Tuesday 28 December 2010

Clinton De Menezes

Clinton De Menezes, Passage series. 

Recently found this artist through the Saatchi online website.

"Working in a variety of media 
and with materials as varied 
as model train set props and 
figures, found objects, earth, 
plaster, ash, fire, water, 
pigments, varnish, emulsion 
and oil paint, my current work 
is an attempt to conjure up 
‘landscapes’ that are 
positioned somewhere between 
utopian dreamscapes and 
fractured apocalyptic 

- Clinton De Menezes 

Tuesday 14 December 2010

End of Semester One

The end of semester one brings the first round of assessments for the year, this gave us the opportunity to see where our tutors thought we were and hear feedback on our work. This is my space during that time.

Second Large Mixed Media Piece

This is another piece of work I had produced in semester one. I feel this piece in comparison to the other large mixed media piece has come out more effective. The colours have worked really well with each other as has the application of pigment which is very prominent in this piece. The application of the media was more intuitive and confidently placed. As I was new to this process before this semester I feel like with every piece I am gaining more skills and understanding with what ways to applying the media to can gain different effects. I really enjoy the first piece for the intensity of the colour, but this one I enjoy more for the texture and way the media has reacted with each other on the board. 

Large mixed media piece