Saturday 16 August 2014

Fabric of the Land, 2014

Two of my silks from my degree show collection have been selected for Fabric of the Land, 2014. The exhibition runs September - October in Aberdeen. The exhibition focuses on the exploring the links between science and art. This year the exhibition has a new location in the city centre. How exciting! I'll put up more information regarding location and opening times nearer the time of the exhibition.

Monday 5 May 2014

Lauren Peebles Fine Art in Paris!

Last year I was lucky enough to be able to make some work for Urban Outfitters Europe for a fantastic pop up shop in Galeries Lafayette, Paris. The idea was to fill the walls of this store with artist canvases and I have to say the idea worked very well. Below are photos showing how the shop looked once complete, My piece is the long purple one (see previous post if unsure). I feel so proud that my work was used in this store and was exhibited alongside some fantastic artists.

When the pop up store closed the artwork used was sent out to various stores within Europe. I wonder where it is now?

Lauren Peebles Fine Art has a brand new website! It has a detailed gallery and shows off lots of previously unseen work. Go and have a look, I'd love to hear what you think!

Wednesday 16 October 2013

Natural History Museum

New work coming soon!

With sources and imagery taken from the Natural History Museums vast geological collection, the work will have a scientific reference feel and will focus on the form and colours featured in these specimens. 

Urban Outfitters - Paris Galerie Lafeyette Canvas Wall

Urban Outfitters for the opening of the Galerie Lafeyette pop up store in Paris created two walls made completely of artists canvases. Galerie Lafeyette is a womenswear, housewares and gift pop up store and will be open for around five months, the art work from this pop up store will then be used to form a permanent installation in other Urban Outfitter stores. 

I was asked if i'd like to be involved with making a piece of work for this project. There was a specific size of canvas I had to work on, a particular colour palette to stick to and quite a short completion date. This was an interesting challenge as I rarely use canvas so had to very much get used to the fabric very quickly, I also rarely use acrylic and household paints and the limitations of an un-stretched canvas (Urban were stretching all the painted canvases on site) was very interesting. I do feel happy with this piece of work, I think it's quite different from other work I have previously worked on and less detailed but it was very enjoyable to paint. 

Who knew a little bit of quartz could get so big!

Acrylic and house hold paint on canvas
154cm 66cm

Commission Winter 2012/13

I love this silk piece, the colours are incredibly vibrant and the tone is so varied. This piece was commissioned last year and was completed in January. I have since received photographs of the piece on the wall of the business and am very pleased the client was so happy with it! 

Mixed media silk piece with stitch embroidery